Werner Niedermeier - Come and Talk

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  • Functional dance music is almost impossible to write about. That's why you'll rarely see a number of labels appear on RA's review pages. Their sole reason to exist is to move a dance floor as anonymously as possible. They, of course, don't mean to do it without personality or flash, it just so happens that the producers know exactly how an audience has—and will—react to certain things and their music. And isn't the goal to keep people dancing? We can leave that debate for another time. The point with regards to sometime JC Freak Werner Niedermeier's newest 12-inch for Supplement Facts is that it's a trio of tracks that don't do much worth shouting about: "Talkin' Back" micro-samples and throws a funk loop into the proceedings, but "Can't You See" and "Open Up" are the sorts of pieces that require close listening to glean the degree of quality on offer. There's much to be had: "Can't You See" has a piercing descending line that cuts through the relentless tech house chug as well as a few different sampled crowds to contend with—if you listen closely enough. "Open Up," too, has a breakdown worth wishing to hear on the dance floor. Niedermeier lets quavering vocal samples take the track for a solid 30 seconds before dropping the kick. It's an act of supreme confidence, but it's clear that Niedermeier knows exactly how much he can get away with: Sometimes functional art can be great too.
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      A Talkin' Back B1 Can't You See B2 Open Up