Various Artists - Versus

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  • There used to be something mythical about Cadenza—every release seemed a secret communication from the mountains of Switzerland by way of Chile. They didn't come often, but when you held the wax in your hand, you knew it was something to be pored over. Something worthy of lengthy consideration. Nowadays, not so much. As you might expect, with the increased output, there has been a precipitous drop-off in quality. But there are still some good ones among the bunch. And, unsurprisingly, the latest with Luciano involved is one of them. Here, the label boss teams up with Guy Gerber for a track that evokes the bouncing minimalism of something like "Bombero's" for much of its length, opting to revel in the tranquil and hypnotic power of its synth riff and metronomic guitar. The duo play around with the melody, giving it over to bells, strings and other instruments, while constantly fiddling with what's going on underneath as well. While not quite as head-turning as, say, "Orange Mistake," it's comes closer than nearly anything the imprint has released this year. Lee Van Dowski and Glimpse team up on the B-side for "La Cucina Del Cabrón," yet another chanting song in what seems like an absolutely line of them. What sets this particular one apart, however, is that this isn't a lovely, floaty Chilean woman singing gently about independence. It's a forceful group that is wedded inextricably to the rhythm. No counterpoint, just pounding reinforcement to an already heavy tune. Not that this makes much of a difference: Van Dowski and Glimpse's tune slots neatly into the percussive house of the moment, something a Cadenza release would have never found itself being accused of in years past. Well-produced club fodder. Play it at home at your own risk.
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      A1 Luciano & Guy Gerber - Arcenciel B1 Lee Van Dowski & Glimpse - La Cucina Del Cabrón