Peter Van Hoesen - Face Of Smoke

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  • The newly formed Komisch imprint has had no trouble finding its feet. Credit for that is due to Belgian techno producer Peter Van Hoesen, who is currently in the midst of a remarkable run of singles. PVH continues his winning streak here with the sort of thing he does best: No nonsense, stripped back techno with tinges of a dub influence. "Face of Smoke" trips along with only a few notes of respite from the relentless devotion to the quick 130 BPM pace. Van Hoesen allows the frame of the track to shudder, giving off the impression that it's about to break apart at any moment. He utilizes the same sort of idea with "Continued Care" albeit in slower form, taking in a globular bassline that works nicely against the dubby textures. The interaction is lovely, and PVH stretches it out to eight minutes, lengthening and shortening each element so that their conversation remains fresh. It, like its predecessor on the A-side, is minimal—but in the best possible way, redefining what that can mean for a scene so used to employing it as a dirty word.
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      A Face Of Smoke B Continued Care