Manuel Tur - Golden Complexion

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  • Freerange's campaign for Manuel Tur's 0201 continues with "Golden Complexion," the second single to be released from the album. This time around the label has enlisted only one remixer to take a crack at the tune multiple times, though. Luckily, they couldn't have picked better. Pépé Bradock, along with DJ Koze, is one of the few producers that actually warrants an entire compilation devoted to his reworks. But while Bradock can fill two discs of remixes, don't expect to necessarily find either rejiggering here on Vol. 2. The French producer does solid work, but these two remixes aren't indelible. Take how he hollows out the tune on his Minnie Mouth remix, scooping out the innards and applying his trademark recorded-in-a-rusty-water-barrel filter over everything. (Everything being twinkling bells, keening strings, Blakkat's yearning vocals, what sounds like a woman moaning in ecstasy on the one and a delightfully shuffling house beat.) It's Bradock by-the-numbers, and while that ain't bad, it feels familiar—something you could rarely say about his work in the past. Bradock's Reef Breaks remix does similar things, but slows things down to a crawl, giving it—as the title suggests—an almost Balearic feel. It's lovely, of course, aside from a loudly mixed clap that comes in at around three minutes and stays for about 50 seconds. Bradock can't help but upset the apple cart: It's his nature. But in this case it isn't the sort of fissure worth marveling over. On the B-side, Tur comes correct with a live dub of the track, which amps up the intensity of the original and gives it an urgency that's lacking on the flip.
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      A1 Golden Complexion (Pepe Bradock's Minnie Mouth remix) A2 Golden Complexion (Pepe Bradock's Reef Breaks remix) B1 Golden Complexion (Pepe Bradock's acappella) B2 Golden Complexion (live dub)