Argy & TMB / DJ Duke - Day Two

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  • The unlikely collaboration between the Greek-born DJ/producer Argy and two young Bronx boys continues here with the A-side to the second release on Argy's new imprint, These Days. The sound is mighty similar to their early 2009 Objektivity gem, "Debbie Downer." An up-tempo disco chugger, it samples two fairly obvious tunes—Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman," Aretha Franklin "Who's Zoomin' Who"—and lets it ride. A nice enough tune—and one guaranteed to get a whoop or two—but as Phonica says "surely they could have delved a little bit deeper." (And they're trying to sell the thing!) But that's record nerd talk, and so is pointing out that DJ Duke sampled Ce Ce Rogers' "Someday." Old chestnuts don't die easily, and there's no reason why they can't be plundered for further investigation. Besides, when you're hearing the newly added synth line dropped over top of Duke's version, you'll be hard-pressed to keep the smile off your face. And Beat Pharmacy's take? Brendon Moeller does such a good job with the source material that it's almost impossible to tell which song he's "reducing" here. It's "Someday," but it's "Someday" stripped of all identifying marks aside from a sighing female voice. Needless to say, despite its de rigeur dub stylings, it sounds like the freshest thing here. (Even if you'll dance to the other two much harder.)
  • Tracklist
      A Argy & The Martinez Brothers - Who Made Who B1 DJ Duke - Someday (Argy's dub edit) B2 DJ Duke - Someday (Beat Pharmacy Reduction)