Wareika - King's Child

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  • We've been nattering on at RA about Wareika for a while now, and it's easy to hear why: If you hear a track by the group in a DJ set, it sticks out like a sore thumb of jazzy house—emphasis on jazzy. The group plays live in the studio, and sounds live on record. Warts, bum notes, a bit of water in the mixing desk, you hear it all in Wareika's tunes in a manner similar to Kalabrese, whose recording philosophy also welcomes the element of chance. "King's Child" doesn't have much chance to it, though. It's has a loose, but unrelenting groove that sits at a regular tempo. It's a careful balance, mixing improvisatory guitar lines, a piano that plays around in its cordoned-off chord cluster and a saxophone that flies in from above to say hello, but Wareika are basically a solid jazz act that doesn't mind sticking to a 4/4 beat. (A good thing for us.) Ricardo Villalobos turns up on the B-side for a rework of the original that, surpisingly, doesn't do a lot. The celebrated producer strips out much of the middle of the track, focusing the groove more intently. It's a true remix in that there isn't much added, only things pushed up or down to make it even more suitable for the dance floor, and ends up making it sound a little bit like what Cadenza was doing in its earliest days. What dance floors this will star on, of course, is anyone's guess? But let me know when you hear it, I'll be there.
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      A King's Child B King's Child (Ricardo Villalobos Mix)