Shonky - Roudor&Capulet

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  • Frenchman Olivier Ducreux's DJ/producer alter-ego Shonky might sound more like a novelty fairground ride than a well-polished techno bod, but given time in the studio he rarely fails to deliver something noteworthy. That said, his remix of Robert Hood's seminal "Who Taught You Math" was a relatively beige affair and was largely received with indifferent shrugs. So has he succeeded in recapturing our attention with the kind of form that turned Danton Eeprom's "All I Can Say" into one of the standout remixes of 2007? Not entirely. The title track is actually not a million miles away from his Hood effort, but while the elements used in the remix simply detracted from the genius of the original, they're allowed to take centre stage on "Roudor&Capulet," with subtle harmonies and muted vocals combining beautifully with a wobbling bassline typical of Shonky's productions. The track never really takes off, but that isn't a criticism here, as the benign warmth of the track is the key to its charm. "Arena" is very much cut from the same sonic cloth; the track winds its lugubrious way around a rarely changing, throbbing bassline and while it's a nice enough effort, that's really all it is; nice—certainly nothing spectacular and probably the weakest track of the three. "Carnage" is an altogether more considered effort, although its name belies a track unlikely to cause any real damage. It's a well-layered, slow builder with a big, enthusiastic bassline and hauntingly erotic vocals that work even more effectively than on "Roudor&Capulet," but it's still not really anything to get too excited about. The EP in general is extremely warm and lush and while Shonky's production is evidently tight, he's arguably lacking an element of creativity to give it some much needed bite.
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      A Roudor&Capulet B1 Carnage B2 Arena