Floating Points - Love Me Like This

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  • The sexy slo-mo house on Floating Points' much-hyped second release applies a tried-and-true production formula: sample, filter, rinse, repeat. The feeling produced by hearing the fruits of application can only be "my God, it's a formula for a damn good reason." On "Love Me Like This," Floating Points transforms the eponymous Reel to Reel sample into an irresistible laser-soaked hip-shaker, reminding you that sometimes all you need is an old tune no one remembers, a pair of analog filters and a dream. Here Floating Points manages to nicely suture abstract hip-hop grooves onto disco melodies, landing somewhere between Flying Lotus, The Field and Daft Punk: you've got the fractured LA beat-futurism of the first, the sample-fest hypnosis of the second and the futuristic sensualism of the third. A gorgeously warm, wobbly synth line holds court from the beginning, while underneath a pad stab pulses and swells like a stream of neon lights on a freeway. Then the low-end drops to let the vocal sample work its magic, and Points spends another four minutes blurring, pixelating and filtering the track within an inch of its life. That's it. There's nothing else to it and there doesn't need to be, as it stands it's one of the most smile-inducing pieces of dance music to come out all year. The Nonsense Dub version goes more grand scale, stretching out another two minutes and adding another tambo-lead percussion line. And while the delicious vocal sample gets done away with, the resulting sonic space gets filled up by impassioned chunky piano chords that give the track the pair of glistening house wings it was pining for. A terrific pair already, but don't miss "Shangrila" sandwiched in the middle—here Floating Points really gives Flying Lotus a run for his money, offering up what sounds like a spaceship landing in the middle of a Dilla track: a tidy trip-hop break that seems to get washed away by a glorious flood of shimmering, saturated organ drone, only to emerge again from the torrent and swim to shore.
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      A Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub) B1 Shangrila B2 Love Me Like This (Radio)