Matias Aguayo / Rebolledo - Bo Jack / Pitaya Frenesí

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  • God bless the internet. Without it, we may never have had the chance to convince Matias Aguayo that the tracks that make up the first release of Còmeme should be heard. The soundtrack to Aguayo's BumBumBox parties in South America, they're unlike the normally reserved club fodder he once produced for Kompakt. "Bo Jack," in fact, has more in common with baile funk than house or techno, utilizing cheap synthesizers and drum machines to craft a tune as catchy Bow Wow Wow's "I Want Candy"—the song he borrows his vocal melody from. It's a liberal interpretation though: A little bit before the halfway mark, Aguayo simply moans his way through a series of notes, wordlessly daring you not to get into the spirit. If Aguayo doesn't do it for you, there's always the B-side. Rebolledo provides the wavering theremin-led backing track and Aguayo pops up again on the vocals. He plays Cookie Monster over the jittery synth pulse that rises up perilously every few bars, only to gloriously fall back again to its root note. Again, the key idea here is quick and cheap. Only a few elements are needed to make this thing absolutely infectious and, often enough, hugely irritating. But, then again, most pop music is. And that's exactly what Còmeme is all about.
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      A1 Matias Aguayo - Bo Jack (Vocal) A2 Matias Aguayo - Bo Jack (Instrumental) B1 Rebolledo - Pitaya Frenesí (Vocal) B2 Rebolledo - Pitaya Frenesí (Instrumental)