Giorgio Gigli - Magnetic Field EP

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  • Giorgio Gigli may not yet have become a fashionable Italian name to drop, ala Donato Dozzy, but he's cut from similar cloth and produces similarly otherworldly music, the essence of which is captured as much in the space between the beats as those beats themselves. From a DJing standpoint, using music like this is all about creating a mood, which makes a track like "Tempo" a piece of militaristic ambience, much more at home in a club than anywhere else with its marching, unrelenting beat. It weighs in at almost twelve minutes and, as such, is perfect to drift in and out of the mix. Of course digital DJing makes this an easy task, and length is unimportant when one uses files and loops; vinyl has to be the medium that this piece and "Spazio" were primarily designed for. "Spazio" is a much more tribal affair, with a bubbling low end aligned with subtle percussion, it's got more going on than "Tempo" and is more evocative. Both tracks are united, however, by a disciplined approach that results in a primitive, trance-like atmosphere. This is music that evokes the dawn of time as well as the end of the world. A deceptively simple approach is at work here, but one heavy in detail and subtle distortion. An intriguing balance of the abstract and controlled.
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      A Spazio B Tempo