Deuce - Deuce EP

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  • Despite having never officially collaborated, Marcel Dettmann and Rene Pawlowitz, AKA Shed, have been an informal duo for years. Exchanging feedback and club testing each other's tracks, the two producers have a symbiotic relationship rooted in their shared love for raw techno. As Deuce, Shed and Dettmann indulge their purist impulses more than ever before, creating what is probably the most brutal record in either producer's catalogue. The first two tracks of Deuce EP play out like a musical interpretation of Kafka's In the Penal Colony. "Twerp Wiz" and "Guttering" are seriously ruthless peak time tracks, made up of harsh industrial noises like churning gears and sucking valves. "Cue Ed" is just a tad less intense, with almost-funky rhythm changes and a single repeating chord that makes it Deuce's most musical offering. Unlike the first two tracks, this one might actually work on a dance floor unadorned with broken glass and leather daddies. All three are decidedly more catastrophic than usual, and undeniable examples of what Shed would call "true techno music."
  • Tracklist
      A Twerp Wiz B1 Guttering B2 Cue Ed