Legowelt - Slompy Jitt EP

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  • Not content with releasing a strong contender for album of the year—"Vatos Locos" on Crème Organization—the hugely talented Dutch producer Danny Wolfers, AKA Legowelt, delivers Slompy Jitt. In places, the EP doesn't represent a huge departure from the script: the title track is one of Legowelt's typically hard-edged, live sequenced jack tracks, with visceral, soaring 303s, intense, almost claustrophobic percussion and a vocal proclaiming that "no way am I going to the goddamn Philippines" to create the near-perfect acid storm. "Police 303" is the outcome of a similar approach, with spiraling acid and harsh snares threatening to push it past the point of no return—but Wolfers ushers in a sea change by dropping a melancholic synth sequence. This more musical theme is explored extensively on "Deerdrivejx 10" and "Loverstory," the logical successors to his excellent Dx Days release on Clone from a few years ago; hypnotic, haunting synths are woven together over moody, resonating Chicago basslines, doubled up claps and niggling 303s. While both tracks are more mellow than most of his back catalogue, this shouldn't deter Legowelt fans; Wolfers's raw production techniques, the depth and resonance of sound we've come to expect from him as well as his refusal to adhere to streamlined structures in favour of on-the-fly arranging, make Slompy Jitt yet another essential Legowelt purchase.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Lovestory SH21 A2 Slompy Jitt B1 Police 303 B2 Deerdrive JX 10