Sasha vs Adam Parker - Highlife EP

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  • Word on the street is that when the time came to select the tracklist for Invol2ver, Sasha decided his reworking of Adam Parker's "Highlife" wasn't to be included. Instead an altered sample of Parker's vocal was used in an original production by Sasha & Co, one that did happen to make the cut. Titled "Lowlife," it was one of the many sterling moments in the mix, with Parker still receiving a nod by being included in the production credits. To be name-dropped on such a high profile compilation, well, there's not much more that an unsigned songwriter could ask for in terms of exposure. Except to maybe have his original track see the light of day on an official release. It makes sense that Sasha's remix of "Highlife" didn't fit with the driving progressive tech envisioned for his sequel though—it's far too akin to his remix of Grand National's "Talk Amongst Yourselves," the slow grooving opener to Invol2ver's predecessor. Both tracks share a similar bassline and exactly the same kick drum and pulsing sonic pattern, except at a faster tempo. Combine this with a standard Sasha-esque soundscape that's built around the original guitar riff, and you have nothing decidedly fresh or new—just a vocal remix that simply sounds like, ummm Sasha circa 2004. Thankfully Parker shows us that sometimes the original is still the best (if a little out of place on a Renaissance release) and serves up a summery slice of indie pop just begging for headphones and a sunny spot in the park. "Lowlife" is what most will want to get their grubby little hands on here however, delivered in all its full-length, monstrous, machine-writhing glory. With a generous three minutes before the huge synth stabs arrive, the only qualm is that the ending is perhaps a little too abrupt, which will annoy the hell out of even the most adventurous or technically skilled of DJs. With a mixed bag EP like this one, the upside of digital purchasing is clear: Pick and choose as you wish.
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      01. Sasha vs Adam Parker - Lowlife 02. Adam Parker - Highlife (Sasha Invol2ver Remix) 03. Adam Parker - Highlife