Various Artists - Silver Wedding EP

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  • There's nothing I hate more than being predictable. But it has to be said. "Really?" Markus Homm, Mihai Popoviciu and Jay Bliss's "Bis Co" is the sort of track that makes you despair for dance floors. Three minutes of a looped organ bit, a kick that won't quit and then the climax! And by climax I mean a voice saying "come on" over and over and over again as it builds and builds and builds before being let down slowly. It took three guys to make this track? Nick Curly deleted this thing from his hard drive in 2006. I have nothing against DJ tools. Brothers' Vibe is the maestro of the genre, and "Ribcage" was once stupidly slated for the same reasons that "Bis Co" gets on my nerves. And you can tell that it works like a charm on the dance floor. But the amount of imagination that went into its construction is minimal. And so is its shelf-life. If you're a DJ and you're not playing something at the same time that this is playing, you're doing your crowd a disservice. On the B-side, thankfully, things get interesting: dOP's remix of Feygin's "Budva" puts a kick over what sounds like someone brushing their teeth and Jonathan "JoJo" Illel talks about rich girls. Feygin, meanwhile, gets the last slot on the vinyl and reveals that the original had plenty of piano, a nearly out-of-control singer who takes over the bridge and and beat programming that rivals Stimming in its intricacy. There's two sides here clearly. Dance floors would be better served by more of the second.
  • Tracklist
      A Markus Homm, Mihai Popoviciu, Jay Bliss - Bis Co B1 Feygin - Budva (Slum Dop Remix) B2 Feygin - Budva (Original)