Butane - Inferno Jack

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  • As minimal techno's hot glow continues to fade, it's interesting to see where its practitioners go next. Some plow the same field release after release, certain of the genre's enduring nature; others head for trendier climes, ready for brighter sounds. And some just come by progression honestly. The latter seems to be the case for Butane, AKA Andrew Rasse, whose second single in the lead-up to his Crosstown Rebels full-length is a track that lightly steps away from minimal's trademarks with a woman's monologue about rivers of sweat, souls consumed and, of course, infernos. Rasse knows he has something special here, so he doesn't do much more than establish a groove for her, much in the same way that Seth Troxler did on his Maya Angelou vehicle, "Aphrika." There's no build, there's no break, it just is and that's very much OK. While restraint is Rasse's game, Anja Schneider's B-side opener is a vibrant piano-led take that bounces along happily, only stopping every so often for bits and pieces of the aforementioned monologue, while Kalabrese turns up the drama via organic drum programming, languid synth blurts and a ramshackle vibe that's likely composed with the utmost care.
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      A Inferno Jack B1 Inferno Jack (Anja Schneider Remix) B2 Inferno Jack (Kalabrese Remix)