Manuel Tur - Will Be Mine

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  • To say that Manuel Tur is on a roll lately might be underselling things. The young man from Essen has had a hand in some stellar Dplay 12-inches this year, and judging by his upcoming full-length for Freerange, will be responsible for plenty more before 2009 is in the books. Tur's first 12-inch under his own name in 2009 is the lead single from his upcoming 0201 album, and features Alexander East on vocals. East is the main draw here, letting us know over and over again that "good love is hard to find" over backing tracks from Ian Pooley, Tur and Arto Mwambe. Pooley's rework is up first and he filters things with a bouncy enough house beat that eventually lets in a bassline worth getting excited over. Tur's slower original, though, offers more sonic delight, grinding things out with East sounding like he's raging against the dying of the light, rather than happily singing along. The crown jewel? That'd be Arto Mwambe's version which takes cosmic disco synths and sweeping chords to the bank for a reversioning that—in its dub form screams for someone to drop something over it—and, in its vocal version, gets it. Also included on the platter is an extended version of "Stay." At a little bit less than six minutes, you can't help but thank Tur and Freerange for the favor, as the tune is built for the long build ala Mark E's slo-mo disco excursions, complete with Larissa Kapp's breathy vocals, and one syllable yearnings. Whatta 12-inch.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Will Be Mine (Ian Pooley remix) A2 Will Be Mine (12" extended) B1 Will Be Mine (Arto Mwambe dub version) B2 Stay (12" extended instrumental) Digital: Will Be Mine (Arto Mwambe vocal version)