Donato Dozzy & Cio D'or - Menta

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  • Cio D'or and Donato Dozzy are getting a lot of love at the moment for their DJ sets, but what happens when they commit to vinyl together? Unfortunately, B-side "Limone" fails to impress. Undoubtedly, it'll be a popular track because its driving tempo and rolling, filtered rhythms offer an energetic take on contemporary minimalism—without being deluged in delayed clicks and pops—yet it'll appeal to both those of a harder techno or more "mnml" persuasion. "Menta" also suggests that the German-Italian duo is about to give Peter Van Hoesen's label its biggest release to date. Like "Limone," it also has crossover potential, but does so with more subtlety and style. Centred on a pulsing dubby bass, its spacey, featherweight chords build and build until it reaches a finale amid a cacophony of atmospheric melodies. The "Sueno Latino" interpretation of Gottsching's "E2-E4" was one of the staples of pre-lout culture Ibiza, and the similar wide-eyed, blissed out sensibilities of "Menta" mean it could also become an on-rotation sunset soundtrack. Finally, no T2X release would be complete without its owner making an appearance. Given the prevailing mellow mood, Van Hoesen's treatment of "Menta" is gentler than usual, but that doesn't prevent him from imbuing the remix with a bubbly acidic bass and clanging metallic drums.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Menta B1 Limone B2 Menta (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)