Cooly G - Narst / Love Dub

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  • Focusing intently on percussion, the driving rhythm is above all the crucial aspect of tracks by UK funky producers like Roska and Lil Silva. Cooly G is a fellow producer that has been dubbed UK funky, but she floats in a no man's land, infusing her productions with a little bit of everything—from tribal conga roll outs to the swooning vocals of lounge singer crooners. Sounding off like a call-to-arms for some fictitious war between rival tooled-up camps, Cooly G's debut EP on Hyperdub preys on the aural anxiety that grime music made completely its own. With streaks of aggression injected into the forefront of the production, it's the rapid fire snare drums that give the MCs their rhythm track. But whereas an MC might overkill a track, Cooly steps back and lets her fusion of infectious rhythms and delayed strings take the attention on the aptly titled "Narst." "Love Dub" is every part the carbon opposite of its opposing side. Where "Narst" is pseudo-aggressive, threatening movement out of you, "Love Dub" soothes it out of your every pore. Infectious, measured and atmospheric, her repetition of the vocal hook rides the chord progression beautifully. Ms. G positively plumps out this release with the inclusion of this track and its subsequent refix—which goes a little harder on the kick drum and unfurls more snares per bar.
  • Tracklist
      A Narst B1 Love Dub B2 Love Dub (Refix)