DJ Koze - Mrs Bojangels

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  • Stefan Kozalla makes house music so cannily programmed, strange and raw that techno kids want him for their own. But Kozalla isn't letting go—no matter how many samples he draws out like taffy or extended synth modulations he slides through fat, fucked-up beats, he stands rooted in the raw, eccentric fundament of house. It's a place where everything bounces off of everything else and there's no space between you, your sweat and the music. Rich, earthy drums pound for two solid minutes at the start of "Mrs Bojangels," then undergo a series of hallucinations as real as anything you'll see on a three-day fast, only to re-emerge as ultra-clipped dots and dashes, slowly pounding out code for the first transplanetary railroad. "Dr Fuck" is just as good, or maybe it's better. Demonic downtuned muppets nattering about deep house mate with Prince's "Bob George" on the vocal, inducing you to jack while oddly looming incidental percussion and a heavy, rippling undercurrent of bass kicks force you to obey. Absolutely first-rate.
  • Tracklist
      A Mrs Bojangels B Dr Fuck