Andy Stott - Brief Encounter

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  • It's been a while since the usually prolific Andy Stott released any new material, but rather than announce his return with loud fanfare, "Brief Encounter" sees the Manchester producer make an understated yet somewhat sensual comeback. Indeed, the title track sees Stott in mellow form and about as far removed from the acid excesses of "Demon in the Attic" as possible. Evolving from layered, blissed out chords that sound similar to "Sueno Latino"—albeit presented with an audible hint of Rainy City gloom—some snapping percussion and a rumbling, resonating bass bring "Encounter" into a suitably lazy dance floor swagger. "Drippin" is a product of the same laidback attitude, but it uses a different approach to achieve the same result. Shimmering, melancholic chords are underpinned by a lurching, acid-flecked bass and a propulsive hail of percussion. In spite of Stott's ongoing fascination with dubstep basslines, the overall mood seeks to encourage a horizontal rather than vertical interaction with "Drippin." (Maybe that's why techno's most unlikely lover man peppers the track with a sample of a pre-orgasm female as it gradually reaches its conclusion.)
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      A Brief Encounter B Drippin