Freund Der Familie - The Sark Remixes

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  • After some pressing plant delays, the new Freund der Familie single finally hits the stores in glorious white 10-inch vinyl. If you're lucky enough to get the numbered special edition, that is. But don't let the aesthetics distract you from the quality music inside: Both Sven Weisemann and Marko Fürstenberg apply some serious atmospheric pressure to the dubbed out original with stunning results. Weisemann is up first and lets his short range mix stroll elegantly and at length over the never ending heartbeat throb of the bass. Less café house and percussively embellished than some of his previous works, Weisemann almost sounds like the medium for the music to pass through here—rather than its strict master. The pace is wonderfully light and persistent while the mood sustains its subtle colour and bright revelations. The breakdown in the middle is paramount, letting in a head rush of oxygen and brimming night. Slowly the flow is released again into a gentle current of synth pads, scratchy percussion and drifting tides, which simply ebb gently away without ever peaking. Marko Fürstenberg's mix is also full of broad changes, but is somewhat faster flowing. Opening like an early Pole track, it quickly digs deeper into the rhythm section while adding a castigating whip-like percussion. The sound is at first overtly mechanistic, but the illusion is soon broken as hot dub jets and tiny, unpredictable percussive volcanoes erupt everywhere to add a compelling flow. The accumulation of subtle details is spectacular, but only when the hand claps drop in and the whole track turns on its head into a darkly seductive house number does it become clear just how well made it is. Sublime and moody.
  • Tracklist
      A Sark (Sven's Short Range Mix) B Sark (Marko's La Coupée Mix)