Adam Port - Boogie Bass

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  • Landing a deal with Tiefschwarz's Souvenir imprint for his debut, Adam Port hasn't tried to change the way you think about music, or really even wow you. He's just focused on finding a decent groove. "Boogie Bass" presents a loop of jazzy upright bass and some unobtrusively energetic kick, finger snaps and shakers, and then lets it ride out for eight minutes. The mood holds but, although "Boogie Bass" never quite feels repetitive, there aren't many surprises along the way. Were it not for the jacking handclaps, it could be said that this doesn't sound too distant from something you'd hear on Cadenza. The critical difference, of course, is that this track hardly meanders at all from the set-up it introduces at the beginning. "Boogie Rewind" is a minor variation of the A-side, this time running the bass line backwards. Sparer than "Bass," it's also more downbeat, letting in some of the more idiosyncratic percussion and really bringing the shakers to the fore. I'm not wild about the backwards bass, but the rhythm on this track has an exotic flavor that works quite well. This is highly functional, good times music, and if a decent groove and a pace-quickening beat are what you're looking for, you'll find that here. Just don't expect it to weave glowing purple ribbons through your brain when you listen to it on headphones at home.
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      A Boogie Bass B Boogie Rewind