Daso & Franklin de Costa - Frank 'n Frank Trax

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  • You almost don't think that "Cato's Hideout" belongs on Outils Du Connaisseur, the sublabel for Frankfurt's Connaisseur devoted to DJ tools, when you first hear it. The track is so complete that it seems ridiculous to call what Daso and Franklin de Costa have produced here mere DJ fodder. But listening over it, you'll quickly realize that it's only one synth sequence that runs throughout the entire track, a riff so single-minded in its intent that it destroys any doubters along the way. (It doesn't hurt that there are scattered vocal snippets, and a jacking house beat to distract you.) Unfortunately you can't quite say the same for "Tiger Lily" even if it sounds like it samples a Phil Collins live performance for a few seconds. Its dub groove and slightly distorted stab (why?) fail to deliver. dOP turn up for the remix of "Cato's Hideout" however, and all is forgiven. The trio have reworked a raft of tracks in the past few months, but their charm has hardly abated. Rocking a smooth descending organ and sax line, they follow the remit of the imprint and make a tool. But as only they can. Call it a dOP tool. And play it often in the warm-up hours.
  • Tracklist
      A Cato's Hideout B1 Tiger Lily B2 Cato's Hideout (dOP RMX)