M.in, YNK & Bastian Schuster - New Orleans EP

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  • Don't be fooled by the monochromatic cover to M.in, YNK & Bastian Schuster's debut offering for OFF Recordings: These are four tracks full of color, each with something striking to say. Whether you like what they have to say is up to you, of course. It's hard not to imagine a screw face or two in response to M.in & Bastian Schuster's title track, which pays tribute to the city's jazz heritage by ripping a trumpet-led sample straight from the vaults. Like the Italoboyz's John Coltrane riff last year, it'll no doubt have the dance floor do a double take when it rises up out of the mix, but the Boyz did something with their sample, twisting it into a mesmerizing breakdown. Here there's nothing of the sort: It's a relatively straitlaced rendering that does little with the sample or the house backing. DJ W!ld similarly misses the opportunity to go somewhere interesting with his remix, going deeper and deeper until you can barely hear the remnants of the original. I have no doubt they go down a treat on a dance floor, but it still seems like a missed opportunity. "Work the Body" has less high-minded aims and delivers on them admirably. Conga-laden in the Oslo/Cécille mold, it pounds out its relentless program with the titular sample checking in every so often to reiterate, question and command. Those same congas show up on M.in & YNK's "Goa," propping up an ethnic sample and acting as the highlight themselves in yet another unimaginative rendering of some gorgeous source material. All three of the producer's on show here clearly have some talent, but this is ephemeral. Here today, gone tomorrow.
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      A1 M.in & Bastian Schuster - New Orleans A2 M.in & Bastian Schuster - New Orleans (DJ W!LD Remix) B1 M.in - Work That Body B2 M.in & YNK - Goa