Various Artists - Back To Back (Remixes Part 1 & 2)

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  • It was a so-so year for Mobilee in 2008, so it seems smart for the imprint to bring in outsiders to remix some of the label's biggest hits as part of its third annual edition of the Back to Back series. And what a cast it is: Nick Curly adds the Mannheim touch to Sebo K's "Diva," introducing a swirling atmospheric cloud to the usual template. He hypnotizes listeners for a few moments before dropping the inevitable kick drum amid a stop-start bass and ahhing vocal cuts in a style similar to what you might hear on releases from 8Bit and Cécille. On the flip, Efdemin delivers a stunning rework of "Moved" which ends up as a melancholy dub house elegy for the moribund financial system via its sampled CNBC broadcast and Prosumer's mournful, "Stop haunting me" vocal. On the second 12-inch, D'Julz takes on GummiHz's "Los Los" and falls in love with its hypnotic properties, adding a rubbery synth that wobbles along in perfect harmony. It's a solid, but ultimately uninteresting remake. The same can't be said of Christian Burkhardt's remix of Anja Schneider's "Get Away," though, which has an unerring sense of forward momentum despite its slightly chunky beat. Maybe it's the vocal sample that repeats "go" or the minor key chords that ring slowly in the background, but Burkhardt has fashioned a winner here, capping off a solid two part release for the label.
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      Back To Back (Remixes Part 1) A Sebo K - Diva (Nick Curly Remix) B Sebo K - Moved (Efdemin Remix) Back To Back (Remixes Part 2) A Gummihz - Los Los (D'Julz Remix) B Anja Schneider - Get Away (Christian Burkhardt Remix)