Ernesto Ferreyra - Siluetas

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  • Five new releases? While the benefit of such a carpetbombing tactic by Cadenza over the next month or so is that it will theoretically get the imprint back on track with its usual one-every-three-weeks release schedule, it does require a bit of extra research on the consumer's end. That said, should you approach things by jumping right in medias res, you'll find yourself rewarded by Ernesto Ferreyra's EP, his first for the label. A-sider "Hunted" is a driving, funky burst of South American minimal, just the sort of lively, spare rollicker that Cadenza can be counted on to deliver. The title is quite appropriate—its uptempo pulse feels buoyed by the predatorial thrill of the chase. After we're treated to the delights of moist-smack clap and clipped vocals, a single bright bouncing chord appears and further heats things up. The charge of feel-good energy on display here accomplishes a noteworthy task: it telegraphs mirth through organized sound, which makes it feel like there's a party going on even if it's just playing on your laptop while you put the kettle on. With things other than peak-time heat on its mind, the B-side expands with a denser personality, its tuned steely percussion moving things further on a deep Amazon tip. Playful and organic, the tune's groove is punctuated by echoing toms that leap in and out of the mix like the spritely fauna of some lush and overgrown forest, moving in the afternoon through splinters of sunlight that filter through the canopy. The digital-only bonus tracks have their moments, but they make you glad there's such a thing as digital-only bonuses: today with the chance for multi-platform releases, selective label discrimination runs a lower risk of letting decent tracks wind up on the cutting room floor, while still allowing A-game productions a chance to shine in a space uncluttered by their less remarkable counterparts.
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      A Hunted B Caleza Digital: Copina Digital: Stone