Gorge & André Hommen / DJ Ino - Marashi / Triple X

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  • It's not exactly telling—considering the age that we live in—that the newest 12-inch from Objektivity is not a 12-inch at all. But it still acts as a nice rhetorical crutch, so I'm going to run with it: If the label didn't think this was good enough to release on vinyl, why are they releasing it at all? It doesn't help, of course, that Gorge & André Hommen and DJ Ino aren't exactly part of the label's inner circle. But it seems convenient that the first time that the imprint reaches completely outside of itself (no Martinez Brothers collaboration, remixes by Dennis Ferrer or shared Shelter memories to speak of here), it comes up with its first dud. A strong word? Perhaps. But Gorge & André Hommen's "Marashi" is the same sort of cut-up vocal groover that The Martinez Brothers & Argy turned in earlier this year, but without the personality. And with plenty of Mannheim producers offering the same sort of track at the moment, why bother? DJ Ino's "Triple X" might be more distinguishable, but that's not necessarily a good thing. Mixing bleep techno and house bounce, Ino promises something each time he builds up to a scene-clearing wash, but fails to deliver anything aside from some mild, quivering strings and tinges of orchestral swells. All in all, rather boring, something you couldn't say about anything that's come before from this (usually) exceptional imprint.
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      01. Gorge & André Hommen - Marashi 02. DJ Ino - Triple X