Alejandro Mosso - GVA / MDZ EP

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  • After two raw and dirty Boola EPs, Lomidhigh Organic returns to the smooth house sound of Martinez with this new release from Argentinean Alejandro Mosso. The focus here, as always, is on the groove. "GVA" settles quickly into the dreamy uptempo deep house preferred by Swiss producers of late. (GVA is the airport code for Geneva.) The percussion is melodic, and when the song builds towards a climax the tiny riff the drums pound out goes just a little bit higher. Coupled with some lovely pads, it's a loving tribute to the sound of the city. "MDZ" takes us back to Argentina. (Mendoza, to be exact.) Samples of people speaking in Spanish begin things, but they eventually fade away as the offbeat organ trades prominence with tribal deep house percussion. A snaking melody enters, though, and steals the show with its unhurried pace. Sounding as though it belongs in a track about 30 BPM slower, it makes everything around it appear more casual. It's a neat effect, and one that propels it from being just another deep house track into something far more interesting.
  • Tracklist
      A GVA B MDZ