GU:019 - John Digweed - LA

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  • Global Underground 19 has been out in stores for almost 9 months now, however, as there has been no review of this amazing mix on Resident Advisor, I felt it was time to whip up a few words as to describe a mix that can only be described as a masterpiece. There really needs to be no introduction into the man that compiled this album, as John Digweed always seems to be one step ahead of any other DJ. This mix then, in true fashion from Diggers, is one step ahead from any other on the market. Now what can be said about cd1 other than that it still remains one of the greatest mixes from this year, if not ever! From the amazing opening tune supplied by Pole Folder and CP entitled “Apollo Vibes” the mix delivers a journey that persistently builds to a the wonderful climatic ending that is Rui Da Silva’s remix of Brother’s Love Dubs “1-800 Ming”. What goes on between the opening and final record can only be described as inspirational. Madam’s “Penetration”, although quite minimal in it’s approach, is devastating in it’s result. 16B provides his magic with 2 remixes, the first being Electric Tease “Your Lovin” and the second, his heavenly reworking of Jamez’ “Music”. Tijuana’s “Groove Is In The Air (Simon Pearson Mix)” has been such an influential record that months after it’s release, DJ’s all around the world still find it an essential selection in their mix, it is clear to see that Digweed has an ear for quality. This mix may not instantly appeal to many, but its magic lies in it’s timelessness, which is a common feature in any Digweed release. The tempo is raised just a notch in the second installment of this fine release. Jimmy Van M provides the opener with “Sanctuary” and the mix begins its voyage with White Room’s brilliant “Strapped”. DJ Gogo then provides a highlight with his genius percussive record “Adyssa”. The magic of James Holden is in there, with his remix of Roland Klinkenberg’s “Inner Laugh”. Cass provides a progressive funk tune with “Genesis” while Voyager rework “One” by Aria. The mix then closes off as only John Digweed can with DJ Remy’s remix of Salt Tank’s “The Energy”. For those that question John Digweed’s ability to provide an uplifting experience, disc 2 of LA should eradicate any such thoughts. Pure Class. And pure class is exactly what John Digweed GU019 is, from start to finish. Having had the pleasure of attending the launch party for this Cd @ Bedrock earlier this year, it is apparent that not only do the records on this compilation have a meaningful effect at home, but also they are quite devastating in a club. There is absolutely no excuse for any house lover as to why they would not have this cd in their collection. It is in one word, Perfect!