L Kubic - Voyager

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  • Trick & Kubic have made their name as a duo unafraid of the big moment—a production team ready with the big hook and unashamed to unleash it on willing audiences. You get the sense that in listening to Kubic's debut solo release, however, that he's the guy who comes up with the riff while Trick is the one who brandishes it with the glee of Ralphie Parker getting a Red Rider for Christmas. Kubic's not one to shoot his eye out, and thus the Viking techno riff that pops up every so often in "Voyager" feels like the worst of teases—an underused hook that could've had "Geht's Noch" potential. Points should go to Kubic, I suppose, for subtlety—something that Buzzin' Fly is renowned for—but, in the end, "Voyager" is half the track it should be. It'll undoubtedly kill a floor in the hands of the right DJ, but it won't be remembered for years to come. Longtime Buzzin' Fly DJ compatriot Chris Woodward steps up to the plate for his first production credit on the flip, and his rework is an excellent one—and reflects his DJing background. Free of the hand-wringing should-I-make-an-anthem-or-not on the A-side, his dub punches up the atmospheric touches that got in the way and presents hints of the memorable "Voyager" riff amid shimmering washes. Smooth and assured, it's a perfect building block for a DJ set ready to be taken out of the warm-up stage into peak-time.
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      A Voyager B Voyager (Chris Woodward Mix)