Wolf + Lamb - Brooklynn EP

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  • Very few producers or labels bother to show you the negative feedback that they receive from DJs, producers or publications, but Wolf and Lamb have proven in their three vinyl releases thus far that they're far from a normal imprint. As a result, gems like "Overall this EP is maybe a little too abstract for my taste," "WLM003 EP sounded too deep for me" and "i heard this guy smells funny" are all added to the pile of hosannas. We'll have to take Seth Troxler's word on how Lee Curtiss smells, but the rest make sense. Wolf + Lamb's debut EP for their own imprint will be too abstract for some people's tastes. Then again, if a track called "Idiosyncratic" didn't have an uncomfortable groove based on a three piano note line, garbled horn samples and a kick drum that holds the whole thing together, you'd probably be mighty disappointed. And if "Therapist" didn't have a creepy voiceover asking you if there was something on your mind, what kind of therapist would it be? "Must Be Brooklynn" might be even better (and deeper) with lovely synth blurts that cut right into the heart of its relentless, sexy groove, but Shaun Reeves' edit of "If U Had" is the winner here, sounding exactly deep and abstract enough for our taste. Its drop-down bassline approaches the addictiveness of Stefan Goldmann's "Sleepy Hollow" and is joined by a dusty vocal sample that adds a much needed human element to his disembodied marvel.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Wolf + Lamb & Smirk - Therapist A2 Wolf + Lamb - If U Had (Shaun Reeves Edit) B1 Wolf + Lamb - Must Be Brooklynn B2 Wolf + Lamb - Idiosyncratic