Marko Fürstenberg - Eibenstock EP

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  • Marko Fürstenberg might not be the most prolific producer, but there's something to his quality over quantity stance. His first release for 2009 on Denmark's Baum imprint is follows on from last year's meaty Repentance EP on Berlin's a.r.t.less and his back-to-back single with Luke Hess on another Danish label, Echochord Colour. The opening track "Espenhaim" works its way up slowly on smooth, but thick daubs of colourful dub synth. The patterns are more early Chain Reaction than Basic Channel and complemented by a lighter bass hook moulded from minimal's bottom end. Indeed, the whole production has a lighter minimal touch compared to his grittier earlier releases and feels brighter and seems to catch more light as a result. The high-end percussion works hard to build up and break down the momentum, but there's plenty to keep the patterns in flux. Fürstenberg's first release on Thinner got the remix treatment by the mysterious Czech producer sgi back in 2003 and he returns here for a minimal-tech house interpretation after a five year production hiatus. The synths are applied as tense sprays and flecks rather than rich daubs and with little dub aesthetic. The production is taut—sometimes too taut—like a cord trapped in its own spiral, but nonetheless it won't have your crowd heading home early. "Ratsholz" rounds things off nicely, returning to the more textured and industrial sounds of Fürstenberg's past. It seems to feed off itself, whirling dark ambience into pressurised beats and crunching snares to create a noxious and intoxicating ebb and flow.
  • Tracklist
      A Espenhain B1 Espenhain (sgi_s Remix) B2 Ratsholz