Various Artists - M7

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  • It must be nice to be Trus'me right now. With a raft of producers clamoring to work for his Prime Numbers imprint and remixers ready and willing to tackle tunes already released, his only problem is having too many things to release. His solution thus far has been a canny one, taking the best bits from producers and offering them up on compilation releases that have showcased only the finest that both the artist and label has to offer. That tack is taken again on M7 and it leads off with the biggest name (Move D) on the A-side remixing one of the few artists to garner a full-fledged solo release on Prime Numbers (Wireman). Move takes "Armour" into his deep house wheelhouse, building the atmosphere for nearly seven minutes via echoed dub splashes and a mild mover of a bassline. It's yet another solid effort from the producer that falls neatly in line with his recent house work. A duo of lesser-known artists hold up the B-side in quality fashion, with Werk associate Actress offering up the quickly paced soulful house loopfest "Crushed." (Thick synths, vinyl crackle and a pounding kick are all this consummate DJ tool needs over the course of three minutes and change.) Be, on the other hand, slows things down considerably—dropping down past 110 BPM—for "When You Left." The track builds a wonky groove out of a spray of organ, cymbal and hand claps until three minutes in when everything stops and a dreamy interlude takes over. It's a beautiful moment and one that'll have crowds either applauding the DJ or cursing them depending on the context. For home listening purposes, it's clapping all the way.
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      A Wireman - Armour (Move D Remix) B1 Actress - Crushed B2 Be - When You Left