A:xus - Suite Dissapointment

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  • It's hard to mess up the remarkably satisfying chord progression of A:xus' "Suite Disappointment." And while scientists are still trying to find out where it came from—Aril Brikha is a leading suspect—each artist on this remix package delivers a variant on the original without distancing themselves from that descending figure that's won the hearts of so many secretly emo clubbers. Motorcitysoul's sleek, modern deep house take has garnered the most attention from DJs and that's for good reason, as the duo has coiled the melody into a ball of tightly focused energy. It rolls along unencumbered by anything other than the daunting dub chords that fill the track, pushed along by a bassline and kick drum that do little more than egg it along. It's a minimal take, making vocalist Graph Nobel a remarkably selfish person by keeping only her "wishing the world was my own" refrain, but something tells me that's entirely the point. It's a track worthy of losing yourself in—where you might think that the world is indeed your own. If only for a moment. James Teej's remodeling is less hypnotic, but no less engaging, offering up enough glitch to make you forget how clean the original version is. It's got more personality than anything here, which is both a blessing and curse, rendering its highs higher and lows lower. The same can't be said for the original—whose aforementioned cleanliness renders it almost lifeless in its relative perfection. Sure, the beat may be a bit too chunky, but it's almost without fault otherwise. And, unlike Teej's effort, that's not a blessing. House music luminary Peter Heller thins that chunk out and simultaneously beefs it up into an aptly titled "Classic Mix." If it weren't five-and-a-half minutes too long, it'd be a shoo-in for Eurovision. As it stands, emo clubbers will have to do.
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      A1 Suite Disappointment (Motorcitysoul Remix) A2 Suite Disappointment (James Teej Stripped Soul Mix) B1 Suite Disappointment (Pete Heller Classic Vocal Mix) B2 Suite Disappointment (Original Reprise)