Shed - Remixes

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  • Given the spotlight on the in-form Martyn, the unwavering interest in the relentless invention of Surgeon, as well as the high regard for Shed's source material, this release suffers a little from the weight of expectation. And while it hardly disappoints, it falls just short of having the final edge necessary to exceed the sum of its parts. Surgeon's remix begins forcefully enough, with thick analogue bass and whipping high end percussion that leaves no room for air. However, their combined rapid pace and choking density seems almost too fast and too heavy for the atmospherics which are left to toil half-strangulated in the background. This converts the original's soothing ethereal glides into a spooky horror soundtrack without some of the requisite suspense. Organic, messy and T++-esque, Surgeon's mix is complicated and fascinating, but it can also seem like two tracks playing at once rather than a unified whole. Martyn's remix on the other hand is far more integrated. The emphasis lies on Shed's original mischievous melody with a typically crispy Martyn beat served up front in the mix, in place of the original's low lying scratchy rhythms. Of more variable success is a vocal sample repeating the title, which ranges from being a little overused to adding to the playfulness. The rest of the mix is, however, pure class with Martyn's arrangements and attention-to-detail second to none.
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      A The Lower Upside Down (Surgeon Remix) B Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn’s 131 Remix)