tobias. / Efdemin: Phantasma 1

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  • What ghosts inhabit the drum machines of Tobias Freund? Conjured up by the turning of knobs, these benevolent spirits are well acquainted with the needs and urges of the contemporary dance floor. Densely structured, complex and altogether hypnotic: if those are the hallmarks of a tobias. production, the aptly named "Clapper" is no exception to the rule. The track takes off with meandering percussion, a hammering beat and sashaying snares. Halfway through the proceedings, though, a smooth voice sample emerges, only to collide with a harsh synth melody. Efdemin's "Hope" continues this mesmerizing journey, but steers the ship into less stormy waters. Full of shuffling snare rolls, quirky modulations and intermittent chords, he weaves a tale of shimmering beauty. tobias. and Efdemin on a split EP is a match made in Berlin club heaven. But it's not the first time these two producers have crossed paths. In 2007, tobias. did a remix of Efdemin's "Lohn und Brot": A track which perfectly merged the sound aesthetics of the two Berlin producers. In reuniting the two artists, this record is a solid start to Diamonds & Pearls' Phantasma series—one which promises future work from Half Hawaii, Matthew Styles & Dinky, Pier Bucci, Eat, Tama Sumo, Prosumer and Marcel Dettmann.
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      A tobias. - Clapper B Efdemin - Hope