EQD - Equalized #002

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  • Like the first Equalized release, the second installment is presented as a hand-stamped, anonymous looking white label. While it can be argued that format isn't relevant and that only the music matters—a credible enough stance—there is no doubt that anyone who releases techno in this way in 2009 is making a statement. "Underground" is usually the term bandied about to describe this practice, but the reality is that putting out no-frills vinyl in the way that Equalized—and the rest of the anonymous Hardwax labels—do reeks of pure punk attitude (in the European meaning of that word) that predates techno. So what's the music like? Surprisingly, it sounds less austere than the format suggests. The untitled A side is a straight enough DJ tool, until the rich, joyous chords start to gradually build over the repetitive tribal beats. There's a bigger surprise on the flipside though: Equalized dispenses with the straight kicks and dance floor approach in favour of a noisy, slightly out-of-time breakbeat arrangement that shuffles along, accompanied by the sound of angelic hooks and bleeps to swoon for. It's hard to imagine who'll play this track, but, like this series and the manner in which it is delivered, it remains an endearing and hopefully enduring oddity.
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      A Untitled B Untitled