Various Artists - Secret Weapons EP (Part Three)

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  • Secret weapons are a tough one in the digital age. With everybody eager to repress (legally and illegally) lost classics, and videos popping up of DJ sets on YouTube asking (and receiving) track IDs, there's almost no such thing as a "secret weapon" anymore. For record collectors who undoubtedly love the chase like Dixon and Âme, then, it must be doubly hard: Once things get out into the world in any capacity, it's immediately too overexposed. Lucky for the rest of us, then, that they do make the effort, eh? You can be pretty secure in the knowledge that the tunes released under this series name are both the business and ultra-rare to boot. And while I can't speak to the latter here, the former is undoubtedly true. Kalabrese's remix of Madioko 'N' Rafika's "Ellelli" is a stunning deep house tune with all of the right African vibes—something you can hear slotting neatly into one of Dixon's sets, while DJ Gregory's "Headache" reminds of that early Kitsune single he put out in its perfect balance between earthy keys and effortless broken beat momentum. Dutch duo Jark Prongo are resuscitated on the B-side with "Helios," a banging tool that stabs and stabs while building a marvelous house track, while Oscar G's "Chunky Buddha" lives up to its title—with a fat kick and congas puttering away beneath some Eastern-tinged synths.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Point G - Headache A2 Madioko N Rafika - Ellelli (Kalabrese Remix) B1 Jark Prongo - Helios B2 Oscar G - Chunky Buddha