The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice

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  • It may be in business 15 years before it finally finishes celebrating, but it's hard to complain about Juno's 10th Anniversary series taking ages to see the light of day. The run of singles began in 2007 with Carl Craig and Jerome Sydenham mixes of Faze Action's "In the Trees" and has since gone on to showcase modern producers taking on dance music classics. We're now up to the seventh installment, this time with Henrik Schwarz, Mark E and Confetti Bomb taking a crack at The Detroit Experiment's "Think Twice." The odd name out in that list of three mixers is, of course, Confetti Bomb. A relative unknown, his 12-minute remix gets going for a few moments when it matches trumpets and a pounding minimal techno kick, but it falls flat with its lengthy intro. Given an edit, this could've been a masterpiece. Speaking of which, Henrik Schwarz's remix here is mighty close to that lofty word—a funky, drama-filled revision that builds and builds and builds waiting for someone to take into the stratosphere. Schwarz doesn't quite get there—endlessly teasing and repeating the main refrain. Mark E slows things down considerably for his Pressure Dub of the tune, taking nearly four languid minutes to get to the snare drum by stretching out organs and strings that make the journey almost more fun than the destination. Gone are the clouds on his regular remix, a slow-moving love letter to the original. Not much needs to be said about that track, of course, expect that it closes out the release. Juno's definition of "Think Twice" as a classic is well warranted and, if you've never heard it before, now's a great time to change that.
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      01. Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz Remix) 02. Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz Live Edit) 03. Think Twice (Mark E Pressure Dub) 04. Think Twice (Mark E Remix) 05. Think Twice (Confetti Bomb Remix) 06. Think Twice (Original 2002 Version)