Omar S - Blown Valvetrane

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  • Whether or not you tend to think that Omar-S's "Psychotic Photosynthesis" is the best track of the past ten years, most tend to agree that it was a breakout moment for a producer of immense talent. So much so that Fabric tapped them for its forthcoming Fabric 45 compilation, what would have been the first time that Omar has released any label aside from his own FXHE Records. That all changed when Theo Parrish heard Omar's "Blown Valvetrane" for the second time—apparently he didn't react at all the first time it was played to him, although Parrish might dispute that—and put it on his Sound Signature imprint. It's not hard to understand why. The track plays out like a slow-moving Parrish groover, lovingly watch itself mutate carefully over the course of ten-plus minutes. The title is perfectly apt: The low-fi recording makes it sound as though the whole thing were produced in a car engine, its wavy synths taking on an extra resonance as a result. "Busaru Beats," as you might expect doesn't do much aside from lay down a nice DJ tool that has an industrial edge. "Deep Valve Cover," however, might be the gem here. Its woodblock beat is joined by a hesitant synth that peeks its head out around a busy bassline, as it casually unfurls itself. It's no "Psychotic Photosynthesis," but even Ricardo Willalobo can't release "Easy Lee" every time out.
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      A1 Blown Valvetrane B1 Busaru Beats B2 Deep Valve Cover