Grace Jones - Williams' Blood

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  • You've most likely already heard it, but if you haven't, let us join the chorus: Aeroplane's remix of Grace Jones' "Williams' Blood" is a phenomenal piece of work, and worthy of all the hype that it's been afforded. Of course, if you asked Wall of Sound about it a few months ago, they would have told you that they weren't sure that they were going to release it at all. Which begs the question: "Huh?" The track is solidly in line with the Belgian duo's original productions, dropping a percolating synth line underneath everything to gird what becomes an epic build to a ferocious conclusion. It underscores Grace's story of her parents hoping that she'd have a little bit more of that Jones blood—her father was Reverend Jones—and a little bit less of that Williams blood—her grandfather was a musician that played with Nat King Cole. Elsewhere, the other remixers take things pretty easy. The Trixters pop a nice reggae beat underneath that you could almost hear implied in the original, and add Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa to the mix for good measure, while Greg Wilson's mix is a rare misstep from the man, sounding like it's beamed straight outta 1997 and the lounge funk revival. Meanwhile, Ivor Guest adds some drama to the proceedings by playing around with the guitar line, but can't give up the glitch long enough to let the beat play out. Aeroplane, as you might expect, come out on top here.
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      A1 Williams' Blood (Aeroplane Remix) A2 Williams' Blood (Feat Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa - The Trixters Mix) B1 Williams' Blood (Greg Wilson Version) B2 Williams' Blood (Ivor Guest Breaks Version)