Black Jazz Consortium - New Horizon EP

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  • Fred P's preferred style of house sounds like it was stuck under a heat lamp, left to decay for a few months and then rediscovered and sent straight to the mastering plant. And like his spiritual lo-fi brothers in the indie rock world, it's music that feels somehow much more present, even as it threatens to drift away into the ether. "New Horizon," for instance, unveils a beat that builds itself right before your eyes—despite sounding like it's being played over a phone—while organs wrap themselves around each other, playing second fiddle to a piano that grabs the foreground. It's simple stuff—no production tricks here—but its simplicity is the point. P's music thrives on mood—the sad, desolate trumpet on "Steps Beyond," the mooning synth on "Watching You Vogue." New Horizon is as much for meditation as it is for dancing. As for the pick of the litter here, it's hard to say. P often DJs in New York with Underground Quality head Jus-Ed, and it's a style of playing that informs how you might listen to their records as well: Quietly, straight through and with your mind ready to receive what they have to give.
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      A1 I Can Feel It A2 New Horizon B1 Watching You Vogue B2 Steps Behind