Luomo - Tessio Remixes

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  • Some of the best art comes out of a talented producer trying their hand at something they haven't quite mastered yet. (Some of the worst too.) In 2000, it stands to reason that Sasu Ripatti didn't have a good idea of how to make the dub disco that he heard in his mind, so did the best he could—and emerged with an unlikely masterpiece called Vocalcity. Arguably the most indelible moment of the record was "Tessio," a cavernous 12-minute track that contained multitudes and, yet, at the same time worked as pop confection. "Tessio" underwent the remix treatment in 2001, garnering reworks from Mathias Schaffhäuser, Håkan Lidbo, MRI and Ricardo Villalobos (along with Martin Schopf under the Ric Y Martin alias). The quartet were (and are) studio fiends—artists that often look to the floor second— and Great Stuff enlists yet another for the A-side of this package, Diynamic up-and-comer Stimming. His take, like much of his work, is a tearjerker—once the strings come in at three minutes, you'll be unable to do anything but prepare for the emotional onslaught while marveling at the tiny things that he does to keep his productions sonically interesting. While Stimming's remix works fine for the floor as well as the head, Spektre's take is geared directly towards the dance. Richard Wakley and Paul Maddox craft a rolling groove that basically only uses Johanna Livanainen's "I guess you turn me on" line from the original. Funny, because I'm of the same opinion.
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      A1 Tessio (Stimming Remix) A2 Tessio (Stimming Dub) B1 Tessio (Spektre Remix) B2 Tessio (Original)