Pig & Dan - Terminate

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  • Dan Duncan and Igor Tchkotoua make the sort of big room techno you can bring home to Mom. The duo's debut Cocoon full-length, Imagine, was the culmination of years of craft—a thesis statement on how to wrap the bright and shining melodies up with perpetually propulsive rhythms. "Terminate" is much the same, an unrelenting tech groove leavened by a bassline that knows exactly how catchy it is. The boys get so cocky, in fact, that they drop the beat for a minute-plus early on—keeping your attention with laser-sharp effects and the promise of madness when the beat inevitably drops on your head like an anvil. (Oh, and it does.) It's a testament to Pig & Dan's mastery of the form that they can get away with such a lengthy breakdown, and cause for celebration that the rest of the track lives up to the anticipation built by such a move. "Organix" is the subtler track on hand, and it suffers in comparison to the obvious anthem on the other side. It takes its cues from minimal techno, content to see what happens when you take a buffed-up riff and pour some weight on to it. Muted in its approach, the track never quite takes off, but that's exactly the point. Sometimes you have to have to eat your vegetables before you get to dessert. (And sometimes those vegetables are just as good.)
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      A Terminate B Organix