Milton Jackson - Crash Remixes Part 1

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  • Milton Jackson's stranglehold over Freerange's release schedule in early 2009 continues apace with this 12-inch of remixes of tracks from his forthcoming album, Crash. Not that we're complaining or anything: Jackson's taster single for the record was a solid bit of tech house, and gives plenty of options for Lovebirds. Sebastian Döring—the man behind the project—takes things in a groovy direction, focusing his attention on a rolling beat that offers up a perfect template for melodious keys, tinkling synths and yearning strings to play out over top. In typical Lovebirds fashion, Döring aims for a pleasant mix between hard and soft, and hits the mark. Back on the A-side, though, things are even better. Wahoo, AKA Georg von dem Bussche and Dixon, take "Cycles" in an equally as cinematic direction, but pull even more drama out of the proceedings. Lazy dubby chords come up and out over a chunky beat for the track's first few minutes, as an insistent riff works its way into the picture. All of this build-up, however, is discarded when the duo pulls back…and starts to do it all over again. It's a trick that you've heard about 1,431 times before, but it works a charm here.
  • Tracklist
      A Cycles (Wahoo Remix) B Crash (Lovebirds Remix)