Seth Troxler - Aphrika EP

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  • If 2008 was the year that people finally became aware of Seth Troxler, 2009 will likely be the year that they'll likely fall in love. Quick with a quote, an adept DJ and a hugely talented producer to boot, why wouldn't you? Here, Troxler extends the young Wolf + Lamb imprint's winning streak to two with a stunner of a track that borrows Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman" to place over a low-slung house groove that crawls its way into your ears slowly, but insistently. With blasts of synth flowing out seemingly each and every time Angelou intones the word "phenomenally," and the poet's self-image treatise the sort of thing that should make just about anyone feel sexy on the dance floor, it's almost surprising to see that Troxler didn't break out his Sex Trothler alias for its release. On the flip, Troxler takes Nicolas Jaar's "The Student" and gives it the sort of murky treatment that we've come to expect from Villalobos these days. It's not quite as obtuse, and you can perhaps credit the atonal piano line that plinks over top of things for that. But, at its core, it's the sort of minimal techno that is strikingly rare. Stuff that'll have you checking your stereo and its EQ settings to make sure they're correct, your feet to find out why they can't stop moving and your brain to make sure it hasn't leaked all the way out of your head.
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      A Aphrika B Nicolas Jaar - The Student (Seth Troxler Remix)