Guy Gerber - Timing

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  • For those who don't listen carefully to Cocoon's varied output, Guy Gerber's "Timing" is most likely exactly what listeners think the imprint sounds like. Overpoweringly massive, unabashedly anthemic and towering in its majesty, the track is a Platonic ideal of "big room" techno. For nearly four of its nine minutes, the Israeli producer marks time, setting down an expectant groove—a beat waiting to completed. What fills in the rest can only be describes as pomp, a Viking slave ship melody reminiscent of Riton's "Hammer of Thor." Needless to say, it's half-brilliant and half-cheese—an immaculate construction. Strange, then, that the B-side is called "Guilty Pleasure." That track doesn't inspire the amount of shame that you might feel putting "Timing" on in a moment of weakness. Instead, it's a minimal groover, right in line with the same sort of house music that is coming out of Mannheim's Oslo and Cécille labels. Sure, it gets nicely psychedelic at its climax, but unfortunately, it's got a tad less bounce, and a tad less character than those DJ toolathons, leaving you to wonder where and when the second half of its title—pleasure—might come into play. Stick with the A-side here: When the, er, timing is right, it'll work wonders.
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      A Timing B Guilty Pleasure