Christian Smith & John Selway - Move! (Remixes)

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  • As house and techno continue their unabashed love affair with one another, the time seems right for Christian Smith to revive his Tronic label with one of the biggest tunes to span the divide in 2002. That tune, of course, is "Move"—a track that was first released on Carl Cox's Intec, but one that seemingly always belonged on Smith's imprint, which went on to release plenty of tracks in the same vein. The original version is a master class with Smith & Selway dragging a filtered sample through the paces for nearly nine minutes. The duo don't work it over all that much, instead focusing on the clouds of sonic material around it, gradually drawing them to a close right before the sample ticks over and starts its journey all over again. It's textbook techno, but it has an arrangement that is often lacking in productions of a similar ilk. It's a song just as much as it's a track. The original "Move!" is remastered and offered up as a digital exclusive on this release and sounds clearer and brighter than ever. Steve Angello steps in on remix duties, figuring listeners will fall in love with the woodblock as much as he has. It's as bright and cheery as something with a techno backbone and a commanding "move" sample can get, but it's outclassed by Dmitri Narkov & Gabe & Ritkam's rework which revels in the darkness, pumping up the bassline to let it do the heavy lifting. It's more than up to the task, a filthy reminder that with Smith & Selway's techno-house hybrids, it doesn't work if you have one without the other.
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      A Move! (Steve Angello Remix) B Move! (Dimitri Nakov & Gabe & Ritkam Digital: Move! (Original Remastered)
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