Sideshow feat. Paul St. Hilaire - If Alone

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  • Fin Greenall is a polymath, but while most musicians that dabble in myriad genres fall into the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none camp, Greenall is credible in just about anything he puts his hand to. His work as Fink on Ninja Tune is straight-up folk, a move from his trip-hop beginnings on the label. Which doesn't even get into his techno work as part of EVA. As Sideshow, Greenall is in dub pop mode and "If Alone" is one of the finest tunes on his forthcoming full-length. Paul St. Hilaire guests and, over a skittering drum track and fathoms-deep bass, turns in his usual standout vocal performance. What sets the track apart from St. Hilaire's other frequent guest appearances, however, is that he isn't subsubmed by clouds of effects—he emerges largely unaltered, reminding listeners of why so many producers line up to work him. The real treat on this single, though, is Appleblim & Komonazmuk's remix of the track, which goes from humble dubstep-inclined beginnings to a jungle rave-up in seven short minutes. The duo build things nicely, but once they drop everything out aside from sweet acoustic guitar strum and St. Hilaire midway through the track, things take off as they set things up for a tuff breakbeat that adds some grit to the proceedings. Château Flight don't disappoint either, taking the original in a house-y direction and keeping things on a slow boil. It's a moody tune that would be right at home in a set by Dixon or other like-minded deep house denizens.
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      A1 If Alone (Chateau Flight Dub Mix) A2 If Alone B1 If Alone (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix) B2 If Alone (Chateau Flight Remix)