Chymera - Sumatra

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  • There are plenty of producers out there who are doing similar things to Brendan Gregoriy, AKA Chymera, but few seem to be able to imbue it with quite as much feeling. Even a track like "Sumatra," which is basically big-room techno at its gaudiest and most Väth-like, writhes with the sort of emotion that separates the wheat from the chaff. Chymera is a master builder, a producer that knows how when to add, when to pull back and when to let it all hang out. For "Sumatra," that latter option wins out. Deetron—fresh off a sterling Fuse mix—pops in for remix duties, turning the techno banger original into a stomping, screaming rework that gets just as epic. Deetron adds an organ line, and a bassline that descends every bar. At more than nine minutes, it's Radio Slave-worthy in length and temper, and should fit nicely into any set that happens to have hypnosis as its raison d'être.
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      A Sumatra B Sumatra (Deetron Remix)